Screen Printing

Screen printing is a form of printing that uses a stencil process. A fine mesh screen is coated with a photo emulsion and the design or image is then superimposed or negatively transferred onto the screen creating a stencil for ink to pass through.

Ink is then squeegeed over the screen forcing it through the openings of the stencil causing the design to be transferred onto the printing surface. Thus the entire process is commonly referred to as screen printing.


Screen Printing Prices:

T-shirts can be supplied by us or by the customer in order to do screen printing.
Please be advised that the dark coloured t-shirts are more expensive to print on than the lighter coloured and white shirts.
If you would require a quotation for screen-printing of t-shirts, golf shirts, sports bags etc. the following must be provided:

  • The quantity of the order.
  • The amount of colours that must be screen printed.
  • The colour of the item that needs to be screen printed.
  • If the artwork is in spot (Solid) colours or fading (Half-tone) colours.
  • The size of the artwork.

It is compulsory that the screen printing artwork must be supplied in a Vector format or Corel Draw. If the correct format is not available, there will be further costs involved.

Flat (Raster) images like a tiff, bitmap, jpg and MS Word will not work for screen printing and can only be used in the heat transfer or sublimation method, although the quality must be high resolution.